Mehk Chemicals is a reputed manufacturer , Suppliers and exporter of a Phenyl acetone & Phenyl acetone derivatives having production capacity of 50 MT/Month. We manufacture various Phenyl acetone s. Phenyl acetone Derivatives find applications in Pharmaceuticals, Agriculturer, Coating,perfumery ,dyes & pigments and Resins.
Phenyl acetone family compounds are widely used as a parent compound to make drugs, dyes, rubber chemicals, fungicides, biocides, alkaloids, and flavoring agents.
Phenyl acetone
Phenyl acetone
Phenyl acetone
We are leading Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of phenylacetone, phenylacetone is also called phenyl-2-propanone, benzyl methyl ketone or methyl benzyl ketone. Often it's referred to as P2P) is an organic compound.

Product Name :- Phenylacetone.
CAS No :- 103-79-7..
Synonym :- Phenyl-2-propanone / Benzyl methyl ketone.
Chemical Name :- Phenylacetone.
Chemical Formula :- C9H10O.
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